Explaining Second Bonds and Further Bond Loans

Second Bonds

Second bonds, or further bond loans, refer to a form of bond lending where home owners pledge their home equity as collateral against a line of credit (also sometimes referred to as a home improvement bond). ooba bonds and Better Bond, for example, have packaged second bonds as ‘further loans’, and offer bond customers the […]

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How you can get Pre-Qualified Bonds

pre qualified bonds

Looking for a pre-qualified bond? My Bond Quotes offer prospective house buyers the ability to shop for a home with confidence with affordable pre-qualified bonds. Read on for more information and apply online to qualify for a bond before you start shopping.

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Advice about Pre Approved Bonds

pre approved bonds

Pre-approved bonds give prospective homeowners the confidence to shop – and put down solid offers – within a known price bracket. Find out more about getting a pre-approved bond or apply online today.

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ooba bond originators – ooba bonds

ooba bonds

ooba bond originators( spelt ooba bond, NOT uber bond) hit the South African bond origination, car and household content insurance marketplace on 1 March 2008. Formerly known as Mortgage SA, ooba bonds is the rebranded incarnation of this established market leader in the mortgage lending and short-term insurance industry.

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Home Improvement Loans Defined

home improvement loans

The term ‘home improvement loan’ generally refer to lines of credit where a homeowner’s home equity (the portion of the home loan that’s been settled) serves as collateral against a further loan amount being made accessible to them. Perhaps somewhat euphemistically referred to as “home improvement loans”, these are essentially just second bonds or ‘further […]

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Bonds And How You Can Get One


Looking for a low interest rate bond? My Bond Quotes offers you easy access to affordable bonds online. We’d also like to provide you with enough bond information to help you make the right decisions when it comes to buying a property.

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Compare bond quotes for lowest interest rates

compare bond quotes

Many bond quote sites may plaster advertising for any and every bond originator that approaches them. My Bond Quotes, in contrast, is committed to promoting the bond originators and SA home loan companies that focus on prompt service and unrivalled affordability. Simply complete this simple quote form to receive a free ooba bond quote, and […]

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Bond Pre Approval Process

bond pre approval process

Getting your bond application pre approved is a simple but worthwhile process. My Bond Quotes can help you pre-qualify for a home loan online. Simply complete our bond pre-approval form to apply online – it’s fast and free.

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Explaining Bond originators

bond originators

Independent bond originators and bond companies are a dime a dozen – but are they all bond experts? Choose the SA bond companies that know bond origination like the back of their hands; SecuBond bond originators and Better Bond are market leaders in the field of bonds and home financing. Look no further than My […]

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What is a bond originator?

bond originators

As the name suggests, bond originators originate bonds. Originators may work within law firms, bond companies or independently, and essentially liaise with the bank, bond lending company or other financial institution responsible for issuing the bond, or home loan.

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