What is a bond originator?

bond originators

As the name suggests, bond originators originate bonds. Originators may work within law firms, bond companies or independently, and essentially liaise with the bank, bond lending company or other financial institution responsible for issuing the bond, or home loan.

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Bond origination companies

bond origination company

Are you a South African who is looking for a home loan but doesn’t know how to shop around or compare different home loan offers? With so many mediums available it can become a confusing process to decide on a home loan offer that will suit your situation the best. In this article I will […]

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Bond Interest Rates – factors influencing your bond rate

bond interest rates

Securing the biggest bond at the lowest interest rate is dependent on a range of factors relating to the bond applicant’s age, income, credit record and overall financial profile. Below, My Bond Quotes identifies and discusses some of the key factors influencing your bond rate, and also provides advice on how to get a lower […]

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Home buying tips and bond information

bond information

When it comes to buying property and applying for bonds, knowledge is power. Buying a home is a serious financial commitment, and certainly not one you should rush into blindly. Do your homework properly; speak to an authorised financial service provider such as your banker or broker, but also get to grips with home loan […]

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