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Under debt review and need a home loan

Debt review is a tool that has been designed to help people that are over-indebted and struggling to meet their commitments. It provides relief to those that cannot meet their monthly credit installments and are falling behind. Debt review will give consumers assurance that their car and other possessions will not be repossessed, provided they […]

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Home Loans For SA Citizens Living Abroad

There are a growing number of South African citizens that work and live abroad. Many of them intend to return to SA and often they wish to purchase property back home and pay for it with their foreign earnings. These people fall into two categories namely those that receive their money they earn abroad paid […]

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Working out your actual loan repayment

Loan repayments used to be confusing and difficult to calculate. Quite a lot of information and understanding is needed and one normally would have to use a good financial calculator. Even then, it was often not entirely accurate. Whoever was calculating it for you would often fly through the figures and information at lightning speed […]

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Requirements and documentation required to get a bond

As a first-time potential homeowner, it can be quite a daunting task ahead of you if you are unsure of the requirements and documents you will need to ensure that your application for a bond is successful. Here are some of the requirements and documentation that you will need to avoid disappointment on applying for […]

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How your credit status influences your home loan

Share0 Share +10 If your credit status is bad, you won’t get a home loan approved… If you are in the market for a new home, you a more than likely going to have to approach a bank and apply for finance as not many of us today can afford to buy a house with […]

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Why use a bond originator instead of going directly to banks

So you found your dream home and you have approached the bank and after jumping through some hoops with paperwork, various banking personnel you find that your application has been rejected due to some algorithm on the banking system. It doesn’t matter who you try and speak too, the bank’s systems are in place and […]

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