Looking for the best deals on bonds? We offer some of SA's lowest bond rates to help you afford that dream home. Get your bond application approved within days – start the process now by getting a free bond quote, or check out their bond calculators to get a rough idea of what you can afford. Also be sure to check out ooba Search – their property search engine – for the best deals on SA's hottest property!

Lowest interest rates = biggest bonds

Getting the biggest bond at the most competitive interest rate is generally the homebuyer's first priority – whether you're a first-time property buyer or a seasoned investment buyer. Securing the lowest bond rates will depend not only on your personal financial circumstances, but also on the negotiation skills and business acumen of your bond origination company.

With more than two decades of bond origination experience under their belts, ooba (formerly Mortgage SA) are experts at negotiating the lowest bond rates – and securing the biggest bonds.

Bond calculators are fine – but bond quotes are better

Using a bond calculator will give you a rough idea in terms of bond affordability – it'll give you an estimated figure for how big a bond you can afford, and what the monthly repayments will be – yet these amounts aren't cast in stone. The fastest way to find out what you could qualify for is to contact a seasoned ooba bond originator for an obligation-free quote. If you're not quite ready for that yet, you can use the bond calculator to determine hypothetical monthly bond repayments and play with approximate interest rates to get a rough indications as to what bond you could afford.

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