Getting your bond application pre approved is a simple but worthwhile process. My Bond Quotes can help you pre-qualify for a home loan online. Simply complete our bond pre-approval form to apply online – it's fast and free.

Choosing a bond originator

SecuBond is one of South Africa's leading bond origination companies, with offices in Worcester and mainly internet based. As one of the top bond companies in South Africa, you can rest assured that your bond pre-approval application will be in expert hands.

The bond pre-approval application process

When you know what you can afford and what you can spend on your bond repayments you'll be ready to go house hunting.The process for getting a pre-approved bond couldn't be simpler; just use these bond pre-approval tools to submit your details online. Even young or first-time home buyers can apply to pre-qualify for a bond online, so get started today.

What is required for bond pre-approval?

A seasoned bond originator will then contact you to verify some details and issue you with a preliminary bond affordability quote. The bond amount you could qualify for will be influenced by a number of factors, including your age, income, expenditure and your credit record.

Bonds are serious financial commitments. In order to issue you with bond pre-approval, the consultant will need your permission to complete a credit history check on you and any co-applicants. They'll also required proof of income or a copy of your monthly payslip. THey can then also issue you with a formal bond pre-qualification certificate that will add further crediblity to any offers you make on a property.

Any questions?

Don't hesitate to get in touch. Our bond originators are waiting to help address all your bond related queries and can help you apply for a pre-approved bond today:

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