Getting Pre-Approved Bonds

pre-approved home loans

Pre-approved home loans give prospective home buyers the confidence to go house hunting – and making offers – within a known price bracket. Find out how you can get a pre-approve home loan today.

For first-time buyers especially, the prospect of applying for a home loan may seem daunting. Getting a pre-approved home loan will help you determine what you could afford to spend on a home. It will also give you the confidence to put down offers within a price band that you can afford.

Why get a pre-approved home loan?

Getting a pre-approved home loan removes one area of uncertainty from the property buying process. Without a pre-approved loan, prospective buyers would need to make an offer ‘subject to bond approval'.


You won't get your bond approved if you have a bad credit score. Make sure you check your score now to see if you will quality

Where two similar offers on the table for a single property, one being with the home loan pre-approved and the other being subject to home loan approval, the former should be regarded more favourably. Getting a pre-approved home loan can therefore help you firm up your offer substantially.

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