Looking for a pre-qualified bond? My Bond Quotes offer prospective house buyers the ability to shop for a home with confidence with affordable pre-qualified bonds. Read on for more information and apply online to qualify for a bond before you start shopping.

Get the confidence to make an offer and the peace of mind that you can secure the home of your dreams within your budget. Even first time buyers can apply for a pre-qualified bond.

Get peace of mind before you even make an offer

Having a pre-approved bond gives you more negotiating power when it comes to putting down an offer on a property. It inspires more confidence in the seller by lending certainty to your offer. It also gives you the peace of mind that you'll get the property you're afterc if your price is accepted.

‘How big a bond can I qualify for?'

Thanks to new credit legislation, you won't be able to qualify for an unmanageable bond amount. Use the above link and follow the four simple steps to pre-qualification to find out how big a bond you could qualify for.

Bond Pre-qualification Step 1 – credit and income checks

During Step 1, a seasoned bond origination consultant will conduct a background on your credit history, and those of any co-applicants for the bond. They will also help you conducte an assessment of your monthly income and expenses. A simple calculation involving your gross income, net income and fixed monthly expenses will provide some insight into your monthly expendable income.

South African credit legislation governing bond lending dictates that bond lenders may not grant you a bond of which the monthly repayments are larger than one-third of your monthly net income.

If you've got a less than perfect credit record, this may also negatively influence the bond amount you may be eligible for. In extreme cases bad credit may even lead to bond approval being refused.

Bond Pre-qualification Step 2 – personal and contact details

The bond consultant will now proceed to capture your personal particulars, and those of any other bond applicants.

Bond Pre-qualification Step 3 – gathers final marketing information

The home loan consultant will now request a number of other related personal and budget related details to complete the picture.

Bond Pre-qualification Step 4 – results and formal application

The final step is for the bond consultant to inform you of the bond amount you are pre-approved for, and to send a formal request for a pre-qualified bond certificate to be issued to one of our pre-qualification consultants.

Contact ooba now for a pre-qualifed bond quote. SA's lowest-rate, pre-approvd bond solution is but a click away.

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