Professionals in the financial trades have stated that property is thus a better investment than the money market. It is clear that the reduced interest rates has caused that the movement of money in the money market is speeding up, forcing investors to look for better investments in other fields. In this article I will explain why the property market is thus a better investment than to enter the money market.

It is clear that in South Africa the property trade has out performed the money market. It is clear that one can even achieve better investment results by investing in property with a partner. Statistics have shown that by investing in property in South Africa can give a yearly return of an average of 8%. Thus making it clear that if investors do their home work correctly they can definitely see very good investment returns.

One can experience hands on feeling by investing in property markets on the JSE, there are very good property managers there that can help you to achieve a lot of success in your investment.

If investors take the right advice from a reputable property managing company then they can avoid most of the risks involved and put their mind at ease, knowing that their investment will be safe. Nowadays to invest in property is definitely something to consider if you are looking for a specific field to invest in.


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