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Send us your contact details and we'll call you to establish how big a bond you could qualify for, or to apply for a pre-approved loan. Our consultants can also provide you with an indication as to the bond interest rate you could qualifiy for, and how much you could afford to spend on a home. Submit your details and we'll contact you – 7 days a week:

Why getting bond quotes online makes sense

Comparing multiple bond quotes online is the fastest, most convenient way of finding the most affordable home loan. When buying a new home for the first time, getting as much bond advice and information about the property buying and home loan application process as possible is a good first step. Buying a property is not a decision to be taken lightly, so be sure to do your homework properly. Get more advice on bonds here.

When should I use a bond calculator?

If you've not even started shopping for your first home, chances are that you're wondering how big a bond amount you will be eligible for. Using a bond calculator (also referred to as a home loan calculator) will give you an approximate indication of what size bond you should qualify for, base on your existing salary or income.

Although some financial institutions do offer pre-approved bonds, many people tend to use a bond calculator or two to get a ballpark estimate as to what size bond they should be able to qualify for, and then go house or flat hunting first.

You've found The Perfect House – now what about a bond?

So you know roughly how big a bond amount you should qualify for, and you've stumbled upon your dream home; it's big enough to ensure that you won't outgrow it. It's close to your place of work, and all amenities you could wish for are right down the road. You want this property – and there are also two other parties interested in it, so you don't want to waste any precious time in securing it: Many estate agents will suggest or even demand that you put a deposit down if you want to make an offer – be aware that this is not mandatory; you can make an offer to purchase without putting a deposit down, yet offers to purchase accompanied by a deposit is generally regarded as more “serious”.

If you're not a cash buyer, you will generally need a bond (also known as a home loan) to get into the property market. Having used a bond calculator (and having calculated a bond amount taking your actual monthly expenses and debt repayments into account) you are fairly comfortable that you ought to qualify for the amount you'd like to offer the seller. With the estate agent's assistance, you can then proceed to put a formal offer in writing.

If you're dealing with an estate agent, they may recommend that you apply for a bond through a particular bond company or mortgage originator; you do also have the option to request several bond quotes from several South African mortgage companies online!

Why do comparative bond shopping online?

Comparing bond quotes from multiple South African bond and mortgage companies will help you find a bond at the lowest interest rate. Home loan interest rates are generally linked to the prime lending rate, yet fixed-rate home loan solutions and variable rate bond options are also available, though these tend to be more expensive, as the bond rate is then fixed on a percentage.

Get started comparing bonds – request quotes now.

What if I am buying a property with someone else?

If you're buying with someone else – a friend, your partner or your parents, for example, this should generally enable you to buy a more expensive property, obviously depending on the other party's earning status, credit record, etc. If you're using a bond calculator, you will need to take your respective income and expenditure sets into account – though it's recommended that you request multiple home loan quotes; you will then be contacted by a bond originator from the respective financial institutions and bond companies, who will be able to supply you with a far more accurate estimate as to how big a home loan you could qualify for…

Request a bond quote from ooba bonds (formerly Mortgage SA)

ooba bonds, formerly packaged as Mortgage SA bonds, is one of the latest offerings available to the prospective property buyer. Featuring a product offering that includes search, insurance, bonds and credit, it is a dynamic financial company committed to affordability and service excellence. Click here to request an affordable bond quote from ooba now.

Request a bond quote from SA Home Loans (SAHL)

SA Home Loans (SAHL) is one of South Africa's most established and reputable bond companies. Known for home loan products such as the X, Y and Z, SA Home Loans know home loans – be sure to get a free bond quote from them as well: Just click here and complete their bond form – you'll be done in 60 seconds!

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